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For the love of bees, always.

In a world where hives are down 30-50%, the health and wellness of bees is more important than ever.

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If it has seeds, it needs bees

Bees are essential for a healthy and thriving planet: they provide vital pollination to our agricultural industry and greatly support our native plant ecosystem. Globally, ⅓ of the world’s food production depends on bees and almost 90% of plants rely on pollinators to reproduce, with bees being some of the most efficient at the job.

Holy little critters in need

Honeybees & native bees face a myriad of stressors: mites, disease, pesticides, and even genetics. These issues alone can cause destruction of a hive, but when stressors combine, they wreck havoc. To sustain, they need our help. The good news? We've got a plan!

What we're doing about it

Holy Hives is a sanctuary & apiary-in-the-making, maintaining genetically diverse honeybees in Tenino, WA in partnership with our mentor-apiary, Hops Honey Farm. With a bee-first mentality, we focus on the health and wellness of bees in the South Sound region and educating our community on the importance of pollinators.

You support. We manage. Bees win.

Thank you to the Chehalis Tribe for their 2023 investment!

With their generous grant, Holy Hives Apiary has officially begun building! Most notably, their contribution allowed for the addition for six new Holy Hives, which thrived over the summer and contributed to the success of our existing hives and partner apiary. These hives are now headed into fall/winter strong and healthy.

The Fine Print

Holy Hives Apiary is a project of the Anonymously Yours Foundation. 100% of your donation to the Holy Honey Fund is tax deductible and goes to the creation, upkeep, and expansion of the Holy Hive Apiary and our Holy Bees.

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