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The Entrepreneur Academy

Introducing the Entrepreneur Academy, an add-on program for SPSCC student visionaries to learn how to transform concepts into investment-worthy enterprises, building industry in the South Puget Sound.

Empower Opportunity

Launching July 2024

At AY, we've pioneered a thoughtful and realistic approach to entrepreneurship that stands out in the landscape of startup incubation. Our unique ``Idea to Founder`` model is meticulously designed not just to cultivate startups, but to forge the next generation of innovative leaders.

Transforming Aspiring Entrepreneurs into Tomorrow's Leaders

Unlike traditional incubators that rely on participants to arrive with their own ideas, we provide a robust, market-ready concept from the start. This unique approach ensures every participant can focus on building and scaling, significantly increasing the chances of success and impact.
Our program offers a holistic entrepreneurial education that takes participants from ideation through to securing funding, all while navigating the real-world challenges of launching a startup. It's an all-encompassing experience designed to equip participants with the practical skills and knowledge necessary for success.

Invest. Support. Innovate.

Your support provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a direct pathway to becoming founders of impactful startups. It's a unique opportunity to not just learn about business but to actually build one under the guidance of seasoned mentors and industry leaders.