For the love of bees, always.

In a world where hives are down 30-50%, the health and wellness of bees is more important than ever. They're holy little critters and we have to do everything we can to save them.

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If it has seeds, it needs bees.

Bees are essential for a healthy and thriving planet: they provide vital pollination to our agricultural industry and greatly support our native plant ecosystem. Globally, ⅓ of the world’s food production depends on bees and almost 90% of plants rely on pollinators to reproduce, with bees being some of the most efficient at the job.

Save the bees!

Honeybees & native bees face a myriad of stressors: mites, disease, pesticides, and even genetics. These issues alone can cause destruction of a hive, but when stressors combine, they wreck havoc. To sustain, they need our help. The good news? We have a plan.

What's a life without bees?

Beyond their agricultural importance, bees contribute greatly to biodiversity, especially in their local region. Most directly: they pollinate fertilizing plants, creating abundant habits for other insects and stimulate native plant growth. The average honeybee can visit over 2,000 flowers a day.


Pollinators are responsible for 75% of global food crops



From 2021-2022, the US lost 39% of managed beehives



90% of plant species rely on pollinators to reproduce

What we're doing about it

Holy Hives is a sanctuary & apiary-in-the-making, building & maintaining honeybees in Tenino, WA in partnership with Hops Honey Farm. Help save the bees today by sponsoring a hive or making a donation to the Holy Honey Fund.

You support. We manage. Bees win.

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Want to take your support of bees to the next level? We invite you to sponsor a hive! Delectable allocation of honey included!
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Holy Hives Apiary is a project of the Anonymously Yours Foundation. 100% of your donation is tax deductible and goes to the creation, upkeep, and expansion of the Holy Hive Apiary and our Holy Bees.

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